Please call for Reservations between 10am and 10pm Monday through Saturday
Tel: 03-3454-1682 (Tel: +81 (0)3-3454-1682)




Please let us know if you would like counter seating or a private room when you make a reservation:
-Counter seating for 6 people
-Table seating for 4 people
-5 private rooms for 2 ~ 12 people


Please note that same-day cancellations will incur a cancellation fee (JPY20,000 including tax per person).


Change of guest numbers
Due to our limited seating capacity, we may not be able to accommodate extra guests. Please check availability in advance.


Food allergies
We only offer set menus, so please inform us of any food allergies (including alcohol) and dislikes when you make a reservation.
We will do our best to accommodate dietary requirements if you inform us on your arrival, but please note this may not always be possible.